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Why do you need to post dog's ears after ear cropping surgery?
Why do you need to post dog's ears after ear cropping surgery?
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After ear cropping, it is often necessary to post the dog's ears to help them heal properly and maintain the desired shape. Ear posting involves the use of supportive materials, such as our pre-made ear posts, to hold the ears in an upright position during the healing process.

Key reasons why ear posting is needed:

  1. Support and stability: Ear posting helps provide support to the ears, which can be beneficial in preventing them from flopping or bending during the healing period. It helps ensure that the ears heal in an upright position and maintain the desired shape.

  2. Proper cartilage formation: The cartilage in a dog's cropped ear is flexible and can be shaped as the dog grows. By posting the ears, pressure is applied to the cartilage, encouraging it to develop in an upright position. This is important because without proper support, the ears may not stand up straight on their own.

  3. Preventing complications: By posting the ears, the risk of complications such as hematomas (blood pooling) or scar tissue formation can be minimized. Properly supported ears are less likely to experience excessive swelling or develop abnormal scar tissue during the healing process.

At EARPOSTKIT we provide specific instructions on the duration and technique of posting based on each individual dog's needs. The process may require regular adjustments and monitoring to ensure the ears heal correctly.

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