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How to remove doberman ear posts?
How to remove doberman ear posts?
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Adhesive Remove Wipes

Each Earpostkit contains skin safe adhesive remover wipes. These wipes make it very easy and safe to remove the zonas tape and posts from your dog's ears. In the instructions below, we will be using the wipes that are included in your kit.


  1. Apply the adhesive remover wipes directly on to the tape and ear post

  2. Pull off the tape gently from the ear, while continuing to apply the wipes on the ear/tape

  3. Repeat until the ear posts and tape are removed from the ear

  4. Once the ear posts have been removed, clean and wipe the ears with baby wipes, ear cleaner or cotton balls

  5. Let the ears air out for a couple of hours to give your dog a break (do not exceed 24hrs, the goal is to minimize down time)

  6. Repost the ears with the pre-made ear posts from your kit

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